Monday, 14 December 2015

Gangsta granny movie and book

I liked the movie better than the book because I could see Ben and his parents, granny and what they looked like.I fond that the movie was more entertaining. The movie and book were funny and dramatic.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

E.O.T.C week

Monday: mini master chef and first aid .

We all got put in to groups for mini master chef  and then we had to choose a person in our team to pick out a number from Miss Huls hat to decided what are team was going to make. I was the person in our team to pick out the number Nisha,Ayla , Olivia. I got number seven which was vegetable cake it had mushrooms, capsicum. We had a first aid lesson after lunch. We went over banding and Doctor a b c. 

Tuesday: Rock wall, team building.

The year six class walked to the park beside the Recentre . Firstly we all did some team building games like when we were all holding on to a side of a parachute thing there was about 5  different colours we played a shark game when 4 -5 people went under the parachute and the rest of us sat down with half of our body under it then there was 4-5 people walking around the side and when someone started together piled under there had to they to help them.
Wednesday: art, abseiling [ Devils bridge road]
The parents drove us in there cars to Devils bridge road and the rest of us stead at school with 3 parents making clay thing . When we got to Rob the abseiling and rock wall instructor at the place we were doing it. I was the second girl to go Courtney was the first girl it was so much fun and at the end I even got another turn.   
Thursday:Swimming and team building games
 When we got to the pool we went strata to the changing rooms  then we got put into group and then we went in the pool I was in the group when you had to put life jackets. We did some stuff like having to pill each over in from the pool with a rope it was cool I did it with Ellie.                

Thursday, 19 November 2015

E.O.T.C week what i will need to bring

What i will need to bring to E.O.T.C. week

- A smile on my face 

- Good manners to everyone including adults

- Encouragement to others in my team/everyone there

- Respect to others

- Your listing hats


- teamwork 

-A helping hand

Monday, 9 November 2015

Keeping Ourselves Safe Term 4 2015

Zoe and Aroha are walking home from the dairy eating ice creams. Up ahead of them they notice an unfamiliar car parked at the side of the road. As they approached  a woman winds down the window and calls the girls over. Relucantly they approached the car. Hi girls.  How are you today? the lady called were fine thanks,'' the girls replied. they look like yummy ice creams. Your mum just called me to come and pick you up because she isn't feeling well.'' 
Zoe and Aroha looked at each other and decided to say, "Thank you for telling us but we are fine walking."
Zoe and Aroha started walking home and the woman started to follow them, so Zoe and Aroha asked the woman, "Do you have proof that our mum is sick and that she said to pick us up because we don't know you?" The lady didn't answer them.
 They called their mum on their cellphone and said, "Did you ask someone to pick us up from the dairy? There is a lady saying you sent her to pick us up, but we don't know her." 
Their mum said no and told the girls to go and wait inside the dairy until she got there to pick them up. 

This term we have been learning about Keeping Ourselves Safe. It is not safe to get into a car with a stranger.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

The first apparitions of Mary

There was a girl called Bernadette she was born in 1844 January the 7th and died on the 16 of April 1879.She lived in Lourdes.When all Bernadette's family finished dinner on Thursday before Ash Wednesday, Bernadette's mother asked to talk with her children and said that they ran out of wood in the house. Bernadette and her sister,Toinette and a neighbor friend,Jeanne Abadie, walked to the river gave to collect wood. They had to cross a canal cold water. Fearing that she would fool in and die.When she got to the other side of the gave they sore wood so they collected it all and brought it home when there all was on there way home Bernadette herd a noise like a storm but she couldn't see what it was but then she sore Mary the mother of Jesus so Mary walked with her.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

gangster granny

Her white hair looks like snow, when she scratches the brassies of hair on her chin i hear them move up and down. The smell of cabbage luggers around the room going up my nostrils .Gangster granny loves cabbage but instead of making chocolate cake she makes cabbage cake that tasted delicious until you deceiver that there is cabbage in it,  

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Annunciation

The Annuciation is when God sent an angel to Mary and the Angel said to Mary, "You are going to have a baby boy, his name will be Jesus .This will be a very special baby. He will be King to his kingdom and it will be the kingdom of God." The Angel also said that Mary's cousin will have a baby too, so Mary rushed off to tell her cousin that she was going to have a baby too.